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Our story dates back to 1993. Our Philosophy was to create more than just an exclusive beauty salon, we wanted to create a space where our clients really felt they could take a time out to clear their minds and pamper themselves. 
In all these years of existence, the huge number of clients,
partners and business collaborators we have gaied are a confirmation of the highly professional services we offer. 
At Energy Studio we are more than a team we are a family,
 we all grew up with a passion for the beauty industry, we are a team that is passionate, has com‐passion and a hunger to continue to always develop and grow, and it is this strenght our salon is built on.


A massage is a soul-to-body encounter, a path from a state of tension to a state of total relaxation!

Weight loss

Your desire for a beautiful body will be our incentive for greater results.

Other services

Too little people are aware that our physical bodies are on loan to us, so our job is to keep, cherish and nurture them!

Facial treatments

Adapted to the condition of the skin, the choice of preparations and devices is combined in order to strengthen the hydrolipid layer.

Course and training

The Practical and the theoretical teaching of the course is carried out by a beautician with a long- term working experience while the medical theoretical part is maintained by a professional medical doctor - doctor dermatologist.


Special offers for every lady.

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Be special and unusual. Choose one of our individual services or package and give it to someone you love or close!

Бидете посебни и несекојдневни. Одберете една од нашите поединечни услуги или пакет и подарете го на некој ваш сакан или близок!

What our customers think of us

Customer and employee studio experiences

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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