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Our body is exposed to toxins daily, which is inflicted with irregular diet, air pollution, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc. These toxins are the cause of common unwanted health problems like weight gain. 
Our studio offers a large selection of packages for detoxification and lymphatic drainage, which is the main culprit for stopping toxins in the body. Feel free to join our professional team and let us choose the best combination for you.


Multifunctional device made according to the latest technology and medical standards. It includes four types of technology:
-infrared LIPO LASER
- Bipolar RF technology 
-Vacuum system


The device has advanced ultrasonic cavitation technology that non-surgically, painlessly and safely treats excess fat and cellulite.
Cavitation works on the principle of precisely targeted frequency of the place we are treating, where ultrasound through the skin reaches the fat cells, heats them and breaks them down. Fats in the form of triglycerides go into the intercellular fluid, where they are broken down by enzymes into glycerols and high fatty acids. Glycerol goes into the blood and the excess fatty acids into the liver, where they are metabolized like all other fats ingested with food. Therefore, it is most important to mention that those free and broken down fats that travel through our body in the form of lipoproteins must be ingested after a certain cavitation treatment with a certain physical activity. That is why we offer several opportunities to all our clients who work on cavitation, with the LIPO LASER-BODY REDUCTION BODY device in order to get rid of these fats as quickly as possible.
It is important to note that the target ultrasound frequency is concentrated exclusively on adipose tissue and cannot harm any other part of the body. Cavitation can be performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, buttocks and arms.
Treatments can be performed from 7 to 10 minutes, twice a week or from 6 to 7 treatments per month with the obligatory combination of additional treatment for fast fat removal.
Cavitation is not recommended for use after surgery, women with high blood pressure, heart disease and people with high cholesterol.


LIPO LASER is the latest weight loss method with a laser therapy system. It consists of specially designed multi-diodes emitting laser cold red rays, which is non-invasive and painless treatment for fat loss and skin tightening. As a result of the laser energy emitted, the tissue is heated and improves microcirculation, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Laser therapy with a low level of coherent laser light penetrates into the skin and contributes to the degradation of fat that the body then secretes lipolysis.
This treatment effectively eliminates excess fat without adverse effects and side effects and without affecting the surrounding tissues and skin. LIPO LASER is a 100% non- invasive method that, apart from decreasing volume, acts to tighten the skin.
A comfortable and completely safe weight loss method.
With a few regular treatments, this device helps to lose an average of 2-4 cm of fat tissue.


Radiofrequency is a method of deepening the skin with the help of radio waves.
Bipolar radio frequency is more perfect than the monopolar rf in terms of results achieved. This is a more perfect radiofrequency method where all the energy is focused in the center between the two electrodes located on one probe. The advantage of bipolar radiofrequency is that simultaneous treatment can be achieved in both the deep and the superficial layers of the skin. Therefore, the treatment is painless and pleasant, giving immediate results for a very short period of time.
Cellulite is a slow degenerative process that occurs in the subcutaneous fat tissue and manifests itself on the surface of the skin in the shape of an orange peel. Today, more than 80% of girls over the age of 18 are covered by a cellulite phase, even those with low body weight. The orange peel skin is most commonly found on buttocks, thighs and stomach.
Local heating of these surfaces increases the amount of liquid fats that are released by heating the tissue. Using this technology, cellulite is effectively treated in its center. This state-of-the-art technology selectively heats the fat cells under the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. Thanks to the combination of bipolar radio frequency, both superficial and deep fat layers are heated in one applicator at the same time. With selective electro-heating during the treatment itself, it is possible to penetrate the radio waves in the deep layers of the epidermis and the dermis without damaging healthy tissues.
Local warming causes instant reaction of collagen fibers and simultaneously accelerates the metabolism of fibroblasts, which accelerates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. It creates smooth and healthy skin, which looks younger.
This method is non-invasive, safe, and easy to operate.


It helps in the process of reducing fat in combination with other treatments from the LIPO LASER-BODY SHIMMING device (radiofrequency and liposuction) and serves to shape and strengthen the body.
It has excellent results for strengthening the arms, legs and thighs, ideally lifts and strengthens the buttocks, and is especially good for lymphatic massage. The vacuum speeds up tissue metabolism, attacks cellulite, removes fatigue and improves immunity, speeds up blood circulation, removes congestion and reduces pain, and helps with common diseases such as high blood pressure, constipation, indigestion and the like.


Maderotherapy (therapy with wooden instruments) is a therapy based on the use of anatomically designed tools of wood which make the therapy 100% natural without allergic reactions to the skin. This therapy is an alternative to regular massage for clients with disproportionate, fat deposits and cellulite. 
The advantage of using specially designed wooden instruments is to enable intense pressure on fibrous cellulite and the removal of fat deposits together with other toxins. The technique of maderotherapy involves a series of movements that are repeated using more than ten different wooden instruments.
Applying these instruments to muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, we stimulate the lymphatic system of the body and thereby we release it from accumulated toxins. This release from toxins stimulates the metabolism to burn fat.
 Also, resistant cellulite pockets are destroyed, the skin swelling decreases and the “orange peel syndrome” is leveled.


With VIBROSAUN you will give your body a new experience and it will be the right mood for your day. The results for weight loss are great and visible after the first few treatments, and you will get full harmony of spirit and body.
How does vibrosaun work? The temperature reached by this vibrosaun is max. 80 degrees celsius and is regulated by the client. The head is outside the capsule, where two powerful fans are placed, which under your control emit air with cold negative ions, and there is also music for relaxation. Inside, there are two vibro massagers, one on the back, and the other on the legs, which you can use separately or together.
The device itself has an energy cartridge that creates electrical impulses or ions that flow through the body, thus excrete toxins through the lymph glands. Benefits:
- Assists with wight control
- Provides a relaxing environment to help relieve tension and stress
- Increases circulation
- Relieves muscular aches and pains
- Stimulates kidney function
-Helps reduce/regulate blood pressure
-Makes the skin gentle and soft …


Detoxification with green and white tea.
PURE HARMONY treatment is a method of wrapping the body using JANSSEN COSMETICS products.
This relaxing treatment simultaneously shapes the body and reduces its volume, while detoxifying the whole body. Body wrapping is the process of wrapping the body in combination with special cosmetic products.
The wonderful white tea products from JANSSSEN COSMETICS contain high levels of polyphenols that contribute to the slow aging process of the skin, while green tea is a powerful antioxidant and accelerates cell regeneration. Packing the body with a special foil allows for better resorption of these ingredients.
After this treatment your skin will be soft as silk.


VACUSLIM-48 treatment is a method of hot wrapping the body that simultaneously shapes the body and reduces its volume, while detoxifying the whole body. The procedure is packing the body in special VACCUM nylons which are then vacuumed. Previously, the body was lubricated with powerful preparations VAKUSLIM-48 
This is a new method of body wrapping, with an intense warm action, which is recommended to eliminate soft or watery cellulite.  
* Visible reduction of circumference after the very first treatment.
* Enhancing the appearance and tonus of the skin after series of treatments.
* Excessive liquid elimination.
* Metabolic effect of active substances on lipolysis (fat deposit decomposition).
* Vacuum simultaneously provides sauna and presso effects (lymphatic drainage effect).
* Vacuslim 48 anticellulite & slimming method may be applied as an individual treatment or may be combined as an addition for better and faster results in Anticellulite and slimming treatments with cosmetic devices of mesoporation, cavitation, radio waves, electrical stimulation, maderotherapy and anticellulite hand massages.


AQUA DETOX appliance produces low-frequency electric impulses that gently vibrate through the body and stimulates the cells to secreted toxins that are secreted through the lymphatic system, and are ejected through the pores of the feet (2000 pores on each foot).
The device itself has an energy cartridge that creates electrical impulses or ions that flow through the body, thus excrete toxins through the lymph glands. Benefits:
-The whole body cleanse
-Increases the body energy
-It improves and regulates the metabolism
-Improves circulation
-Regulation of blood pressure
-Cholesterol regulation
-Blood sugar control
-Weight loss and cellulite removal
-Improves sleep
-Reduction of sweating and unpleasant smells
-Improves skin tone
Not suitable for:
- People with a built-in pacemaker
- People who have epilepsy
- People with major psychological disorders
- Pregnant women
-People - right after surgery


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